Beseda/Conversation - DetailsBeseda/Conversation - Installation viewMany Nights without YouMany Nights without YouWhen the Words Are SilencedVestigesThe Power of Your Own VoiceSummer TalesStories of Forbidden LivesSpatial JourneysSometimes Gray, Sometimes BlackSolitudeSoft and HardRoyal PastProtected HeartPicture PerfectPassengers of the PastMundane SacrificeMany Days without YouLove TactisDeadly RitesKitchen RitualsIncomplete DreamsImpure ThoughtsHidden AgendaGardenFrom Dusk to DawnFour ConversationsEvidence of Future ProblemsDistant RelationsDeath and ReincarnationBrokenAncestral LiesA Contradiction in Terms
Using objects I have collected; mementos and things that remind me of people, places, or particular moments in my life. I created a physical inventory of lights, shadows, and memories hoping to better preserve them. The abstract and capricious quality of this process allows me to piece together fading memories and sometimes reconstruct and fill in the gaps by adding new elements, meaning, or knowledge to a fading and incomplete memories. All of the images in this series talk of the duality – and sometimes conflict – between domesticity and utilitarianism, personal and communal, self and society.