A Force That Came into My LifeThe Time I Loved You 7000 DaysBeautiful and Terrible ThingsTo End the Violence We Do To OurselvesDifferent Worlds CollidingI Judged Him By the Courage Of His Heart (front and back)Without Anger, Expectations Or LimitationsHeadlessMother TonguePersonal CrimesMissing HistoriesPast Migration - TriptychPast Migrations - TriptychGolden opportunitySmall Sacrifices in DisguiseEscapes/Pasajes - CriptaEscapes/Pasajes - RomaEscapes/Pasajes - OltrarnoEscapes/Pasajes - StazioneEscapes/Pasajes - AngeloEscapes/Pasajes - Fiume ArnoEscapes/Pasajes - VillaEscapes/Pasajes - CimiteroEscapes/Pasajes - Santa CroceEscapes/Pasajes - Monte SubasioEscapes/Pasajes - Campagna ToscanaEscapes/Pasajes - Nuvola AlberoEscapes/Pasajes - DuomoEscapes/Pasajes - Ogni SantiEscapes/Pasajes - DavidEscapes/Pasajes - FirenzeEscapes/Pasajes - PantheonEscapes/Pasaje - RovineHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
En las imagenes borrosas de la church and the skyscrapersHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
A traves de la ventana, between the new and the old placeHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
En el atico, behind the fallen angel and next to the ancient structureHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Escondio behind the doors de los edificiosHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
In the tales of ancient civilizations y la luz de los farolesHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
En los repetitivos arcos and the roof tops that look alikeHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
In the histories de dos de mis antepasadosHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Entre la casa de enfrente and the south galleryHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
En el parque, next to the archesHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Under the shadow de los esdificios circularesHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Deep down the lake, cerca de la plaza principalHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
On the grassy area between the museo y la oficina del abogadoHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Somewhere between the tree y las luces del teatroHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Inside the pyramid en el edificio nuevoHogar, Dulce Hogar. Where are you?
Behind the alley, near la catedral
(Re) imagined, (re) constructed landscapes of famous cities, iconic places, and sometimes rural, non-descriptive corners of the world. The disappeared, the lost, and the wished collide in these imagined landscapes. Many of the stories depicted are metaphors of family secrets, personal struggles, dreams, and shared experiences – both in public and private places. All of the images investigate of the duality – and sometimes conflict – between domesticity and utilitarianism, reality and fantasy, self and society. By rearranging and reconstructing stories, landscapes, or memories, I explore poetic versions of home, belonging, loss, self, gender, and domesticity. The narratives presented in the work use mystic, allegoric, and historical references and are all anchored in the premise that the landscape is both a silent witness and a vehicle for those narratives.