Não Preciso da Prova, Je Suis Perdu 
(No Need of Proof, I Am Lost)The Burden of HistoryLove me Less but Love Me for a Long Time – detailLove Me Less but Love Me for a Long TimeOur Mountains Came Down and His Gods Became My GodsBeseda/Conversation, installation viewBeseda/Conversation – detailPast Migrations – TriptychMissing HistoriesMother TongueHeadlessPersonal CrimesI Judged Him By the Courage Of His HeartA Confession Without A PriestA Force That Came into My LifeTwo Different Worlds CollidingBeautiful and Terrible ThingsThe Time I Loved You 7000 DaysWithout Anger, Expectations Or LimitationsTo End the Violence We Do To Ourselves